Bed Bug Dogs in New York From The Bed Bug Professionals

The Bed Bug Professionals specialize in inspecting homes and businesses for bed bugs with our special, highly-trained Bed Bug Dogs in New York City. With the bed bug epidemic increasing in New York City and the Tri-State Area, it is essential for homeowners and business owners to have their properties inspected to safeguard their families and investments. We at The Bed Bug Professionals provide the safest, quickest (and not to mention, friendliest!) form of inspection with our bed bug dogs in NY, NJ & CT.

New York Bed Bug Dogs: Accurate, Effective and Safe!

Unlike conventional inspectors who must rely on visual clues, bed bug dogs are able to use their extremely sensitive noses to detect the presence of live bedbugs and their eggs within minutes. Numerous studies have shown bed bug dogs to be 98% accurate in detecting live bed bugs, and only those canines trained to sense them can detect them.

The Bed Bug Professionals ensure fast and accurate bed bug inspection with our team of highly trained bed bug dogs in New York City & the Tri-State. In addition to our canine helpers, our team has thousands of hours of experience and training to further enhance your experience with us and give you the peace of mind your family and your business deserve.

Bed Bugs Problem? Call Us for Friendly Bed Bug Dogs in NYC, NJ & CT!

The Bed Bug Professionals understand how unpleasant a perceived bed bug infestation can be. As such, we offer not only the most professional and courteous service, but also complete discretion for businesses and families.
We provide bed bug dogs in NYC as well as New Jersey and Connecticut. For more information about our services, visit our FAQ page. To prevent infestation today with the help of a highly trained, accurate and friendly bed bug dog, call us at 888-611-1050 or inquire online at our Contact Us page.